Pequena Case De Nazareth welcomes your support.

  1. ​​​Please do always listen, respect the children's feelings and opinions. 
  2. Please act as positive role  model for children by maintaining an attitude of respect, loyalty, patience, courtesy and maturity, they mirror adults around them.
  3. Please always report any incidence of abuse to the child protection/management team or to the Sisters.
  4. Please be mindful of the terms and words used when with the children, they learn fast.
  5. Please do not give anything to the children without the knowledge of the Sisters.
  6. Please avoid taking children's pictures or videos. When necessary, please seek the approval of the Sisters. 
  7. Please avoid intrusive forms of play or activity or anything that will require unnecessary touching of the body.
  8. Please avoid spending excessive amounts of time alone with children, away from others - meetings with individual children or young people should take place as openly as possible. If privacy is required, the door should be left open and other staff or volunteers informed of the meeting.
  9. Please do not make jokes about the children's personalities, gender, ethnic status, appearance, family, religion, etc.
  10. When possible, please avoid being noisy.
  11. Please do not let the children borrow your personal belongings like cellphones, etc.
  12. Please maintain confidentiality of information gathered from interaction with the children.
  13. Please do not smoke, shout or use foul languages within the premises of the home
  14. When interested further to help, kindly coordinate directly with the Sisters.
  15. If you have questions or clarifications, Please do not hesitate to direct these to the Sisters.




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